Our Brands

We aspire to have a portfolio of brands of menswear apparel to attract customers of different age groups who have different preferences over fashion designs and styles. We have four fashion menswear brands: Cabbeen Lifesfyle, Cabbeen Urban, Cabbeen Chic and 2AM. Target customers are between the age of 25 to 35.

Our business model

We have a combination of retail, wholesale and consignment business model. We operate our own retail shops in the PRC and sell our products on wholesales/ consignment basis to our distributors. As of 31 December 2014, we have 1,052 retail outlets in the PRC, of which 9 retail shops were self-operated and 190 shops were operated on consignment basis.

Retail network

The retail outlets are situated in over 300 cities in the mainland China. The retail network was strategically planned to further penetrate into second and third tier cities in the mainland China, in which we already had significant presence and 76% of the retail outlets are situated to those areas. We believe there is a strong demand for quality branded products and potential for growth in the number of points of sales in second and third tier cities in the mainland China due to the continued equalization of economic development in the mainland China and a higher rate of urbanization in these regions as compared to first tier cities.